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What is WiFiLAB?

Get countless insights about your WiFi users and then use that data to refine marketing campaigns thanks to WiFiLAB. WiFiLAB is an in-house management platform that gives you a lot of personalization options to deploy the WiFi network as a marketing tool. All collected data can be used for many applications ranging from user tracking across advertising to email marketing. This data is stored in the cloud and is easy to consult via the online platform.

Connect - White Label WiFi

The extensive in-house managed back-end platform offers virtually unlimited possibilities. That is why we are committed to integrating the Wi-Fi network with the existing business processes and implementing it as an added value in terms of customer retention and marketing strategy. This allows us to determine together with the customer how the Wi-Fi experience for the end customer should be (Connect), which data we need to collect and how we should interpret the data (Analyse), and how we can optimise user experience and network profitability on the basis of these data (Engage).

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Analyse - Get to know your customers

WIFILAB provides you with valuable insights into your customer database. Diverse information about the user (profile, device, location, time, session) and about network use is stored safely through different mechanisms. These data are stored centrally in a large database and offered in real-time through our web-based analytics platform. Stored safely and available at any time, a large range of tools helps you analyse and segment your audience. Thanks to diverse standard diagrams and the possibility to combine fields and to set each field as a filter, you quickly receive useful insights into your customers, their location and their activity within your Wi-Fi network.

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Engage - Better customer interaction

Combining the possibilities of the connect module and the data of the analyse module, we create a new and innovative way of customer retention and interaction. As WIFILAB recognises the customer (profile) and their location, we can immediately personalise their Wi-Fi experience.

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